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The development of the SAMX has been more than just the machine. From a process view, creating the fastest screen printing process is beyond cycle speeds.

The latest digital PLC controls are fully integrated where touch panels and network connection offers total production control. Automation in screen settings and more makes set-up time to practically zero. And if you choose the cutting edge technology of UV-flash curing, you will have a material-safe, energy-saving and environmentally-safe production line.

These pioneering solutions provide you with high productivity and the fastest possible pay-back time. All focused on one single objective: to increase your profitability.

The SAMX has proven excellent print quality at top speeds. And that’s independent of the material – paper, cardboard, plastics, vinyl, corrugated, thick rigid polystyrene, flexible banner material, foam-board, and all typical materials used in a print shop for supplying display products, pop’s, posters, and much more.

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